How To Add Affiliation Code to Attendee(s) in Event Module

Task: Add Affiliation Code to Attendees in Event Module

Steps to Complete:

  1. Navigate to the Attendees tab in the Event and check the box next to the Attendees you'd like to add the Affiliation Code to.
  2. Click the Dropdown above the Attendee grid to select an Action
  3. Choose "Add Profiles to Affiliation"


Next, you will need to select your Affiliation Type and Affiliation Code and click the blue arrow to run the process. The Affiliation Code will be added to the selected Profiles and appear under the Affiliations tab of that Profile in MC Trade.



Error produced when adding an Affiliation Code to an attendee:


This error appears when trying to add an Affiliation Code to a Profile through the Event Module when that Affiliation Code already exists on a Profile. 

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