Import Event Registrations

If you use a third party system to track registration for some events, you can import that information back into MC Trade from an Excel spreadsheet. Sign Up/Attendee information only is imported (no invoice/payment details), and you can ensure attendees are linked to profiles in your database by including the Profile ID(s) in your spreadsheet. 

Preparing Your Data

  1. Create your Event, and at least one Event Item for users to be assigned to during the import. Multiple Event Items can be used for the import. Click here for more information on setting up an event. 
    1. Note the Event ID, and the Event Item ID if you will have multiple types of registrations to import to the same event. You will need to indicate the Event ID on the import screen. 
  2. Download the Excel template here, or by going to Events > Import Registrations and clicking Download Template. 
  3. Fill out and/or paste in the registration data to the template. Do not change the column names or order, or add/remove any columns. 

Data that can be imported:

The following fields can be imported into event registrations:

  • RegistrationDate: required. If you don't have the registration date, just fill in the current date to all rows. 
  • EventItemID: you can leave this blank unless you have multiple event items that you'd like to map to different registrations. In that case, enter the Event Item Id from the MC Trade event item setup.
    • NOTE: both the default or other Event Items indicated here may have a price associated with them in the event setup. If the Event Item has a price greater than $0, the import will create an invoice for that amount on each imported registration. 
  • Quantity: you can record the fact that there were multiple registrations on a single row, but note that separate names will not be recorded. It's recommend you keep the quantity to 1 and include a separate row/sign up for each attendee in the Excel spreadsheet. 
  • OrgProfileID: if you have the organization profile ID for the sign up, enter it here. If this is blank, no profile will be assigned to the registration.
  • CompanyName: The organization/company name for the sign up. This field is required. If no company information is available, enter "none".
  • AttendeeProfileID: if you have the individual profile ID for the attendee, enter it here. If this is blank, no profile will be assigned to the attendee record.
  • Prefix: optional
  • Fname: required
  • Mi: optional
  • Lname: required
  • Title: optional
  • Email: optional
  • Phone: optional
  • Address1: optional
  • Address2: optional
  • City: optional
  • State: optional
  • Zip: optional
  • Country: optional
  • Custom1 through Custom5: these are the additional hard-coded text fields that you can see if you edit an attendee and choose to view the "Additional Details." Note that these do NOT correspond to any custom "Registration Fields" you've entered on the event, which cannot be imported. 

**Helpful tip: if you do not have Profile IDs in your registration source data, you can do a basic export of profiles from the Profile Selector, then do a Vlookup to match them based on email address or name in Excel. 

Import Registrations

Once you've created the event and prepared your registration data in your spreadsheet, go to Events > Import Registrations. 

  1. Click Choose and select the saved Excel file with your registration data. 
  2. Enter the Event ID to which you would like to import registrations. 
  3. Once an Event ID is entered, the Default Event Item dropdown will populate. Select the item to import registrations into if a different event item is not specified on your spreadsheet. 
  4. Enter your email address to receive the confirmation email when the import is complete, and click the + to add any additional emails to be notified. 
  5. Click Import. 

The registrations will be added, and you'll receive an email indicating the number of registrations created as well as any errors that occurred for any of the rows in the spreadsheet. 

Once the registrations have been imported, you can edit/update them as with any other registration. You can link profiles or fill in any other missing data directly to the registrations after they have been imported. If you imported registrations on event items with a price, you can apply payments in bulk using the "Apply Payment" action on the Registrations screen (payments cannot be imported). 


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