Deleting / Cancelling an Event Registration

You can Delete (also referred to as "Cancel") an Event Registration at any time, regardless of whether it has been paid or not. There are three scenarios for an Event Cancellation:

  • Deleting an Event Registration for a Free event, where no Invoice was ever created
  • Deleting an Event Registration that has an open balance
  • Deleting an Event Registration that has already been paid

All three scenarios end up with the same result: the Event Registration is deleted from the event and the event history for Attendance and Registration are removed from any affected Profile Records. The only difference between the scenarios is that if the Event Registration involved an Invoice, the invoice and and resulting payments will be adjusted off and remain in the system for historical accuracy.

Follow these steps to Delete an Event Registration:

  1. Open the event in question
  2. Click the Registrations link on the left menu. The Registration Cards will display. If necessary, use the Registrations Search tools to find the Registration you want to Delete or Cancel.
  3. Click the Delete button. The Delete Registration Confirmation window will appear.
  4. Check the Yes box to confirm you want to Delete this Registration.
  5. You have three options for how you can handle the existing Invoice and Payment:
  • Create Unapplied Payments - this option will Adjust off the Invoice but keep the Payment so that it can be used at a later date on another invoice
  • Refund Credit Card Payments- this option will return the original payment to the Credit Card it came from
  • Using Invoice and Payment Adjustments Types - This option will reverse out the Invoice and Payment so that there is a $0 balance.

Once you have determined how you want to handle the Invoice and Payment Adjustments, enter your preference and click Delete the Registration and All Associated Attendees button.


 Watch a Tutorial Video:



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