Email Members not yet Registered for an Event

An MC Trade Best Practice is to continue marketing an event to all members and related profiles until the event date. Because of MC Trade's granular ability to email specific profiles, you can easily identify and email any grouping of Organizations and/or Individuals who have not yet been registered in a particular event.

Find the Profiles you want to Email

Follow these steps to find and email Members who have not yet registered for an event:

  1. Take note of the Event ID number you are wanting to promote.
  2. Go to Profile > Select Profiles. The Profile Selector will appear.
  3. Use any combination of the following criteria for the Profile Selector:
  • On the Profile Info tab, select: Member = True
  1. On the Events Tab, select:
  • Event ID Excludes: Your Event ID(s)
  • Event Profile Type: Choose EITHER "Sign Ups Only" or "Attendees Only" but for an exclude search, do not pick the "Sign Up Or Attendee" option. This would find all profiles that aren't either one or the other, which would include all profiles unless you assign the same profile ID to both the sign up and the attendee records. If your members are organizations, choose "Sign Up."

Click Preview. The Data Grid will display all members who have not been registered as a Registration Contact for this particular event.

If your list of Profiles includes only Organizations and you want to include Individuals Related to those Organizations (e.g. Employees), follow these additional steps:

  1. Click the Related Profiles Tab, then click the Add Related Profiles to Results Tab
  2. Use any of the 3 check boxes to decide which type of Related Profile you want to include. You can also use the drop-down menu to select just a specific Relationship Type.
  3. Click Preview

Email your Profiles

  1. Once your Profile List is identified in the Data Grid of the Profile Selector, right-click and choose Select All, or use the Shift or Ctrl Keys to manually select individual or groups of rows in the Data Grid.
  2. Right-click and select Email Selected Profiles. Your mailing list will now populate in the Communicator, for you to write and send your message.



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