Create a new Profile from a Registration or Attendee


Once you have Registration and Attendee data in an Event, you can decide to create Profile Records for any Registrants or Attendees that are not already linked to Profiles in your MC Trade system. This way, you can store event attendance history for every profile who has attended one of your events. Once created, the new Profile will be linked to any other profile the Registration was related to and event history will be logged on their Event tab.

Note: you do not have to create a Profile for every attendee; it is ok to leave an Attendee as nothing more than an Attendee.

Follow these steps to create Profiles for your Attendees:

  1. On the Registrations tab, click the Edit button on the registration.
  2. On the Registration Contact tab, check the Create New Profile checkbox.
  3. If you would like to create profiles for any attendees, click on the attendee's name from the left menu, and check Create New Profile for each individual you would like to create as a profile.
  4. Click Save. The registration will be set with the new profile's ID and the invoice (if one exists) will be moved to the newly created profile.

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