Change the quantity of Event Items purchased or add/remove an additional Event Item

If you would like to change the quantity and/or items in a Registration, you can do so on the Select Items tab of the Registration. Note that changes to Event Items with a cost associated with them will result in a new invoice being created for the Registration.**

  1. On the Registrations tab, click Edit on the registration, then click to the Select Items tab.
  2. Use the Up and Down arrows to Decrease or Increase the Quantity on each Event Item item as needed. If the changes increase the number of Attendees this Registration receives, the new Attendee names will appear on the Attendees menu of the Registration Wizard.
  3. Click to the Attendees tab and re-assign or add any attendees as appropriate based on the new Event Items/quantities.
  4. On the Payment Info tab, select an Invoice Adjustment Type. If the registration had already been paid, you will also select a Payment Adjustment Type. These will be used to write off the original invoice, and then a new invoice for the new Event Items/quantities will be created.

    NOTE: If payment had already been applied to the registration, that payment will be moved to apply to the new invoice. If the original payment was higher than the new total, an Unapplied Payment will be created, or you can choose to refund the difference for Credit Card payments.

  5. Click Save. The registration will be updated and linked to the new invoice.


If you prefer to manually edit/adjust the invoice, simply click Do Not Modify Invoice and Payment Records and then after saving you can click "Edit Invoice" on the registration to make your desired changes.

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