Event Attendee Management

On the Attendees tab of any event, all attendees are displayed in a basic grid format displaying basic Attendee info.


To find an attendee to update, email, or otherwise work with, search for that attendee in the keyword search. You can enter any part of the organization name or attendee first or last name to the search, and hit enter.

Advanced Search

To filter the attendee list, click the Advanced Search. You can find attendees based on sign up date, paid/unpaid, find registrations that do not have a Profile ID, and filter by event item.



The Select Action dropdown contains many options to export/work with your attendees. Filter and select the attendees in the grid (you can use select all), then select the action from the dropdown.

Edit an Attendee

To edit an attendee, click the Edit icon. There are many options for updating attendees:

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