Edit Registration to a Member price (or Non-Member Price)

If a Registration received the Non-Member price and you would like to adjust the registration to receive the Member price, you can do so by either assigning the registration to a Member profile, or using the "Force Member Pricing" option on Select Items.

  1. On the Registrations tab, click Edit on the Registration.
  2. To assign the registration to a member profile, click in the Profile Lookup field on the Registration Contact tab and search for a member profile, then select them from the results. The member pricing item will update to use the member price.
  3. If the profile for the registration is not a member, but you would like to use the member price, click to the Select Items tab and check the Force Member Pricing checkbox.

  4. On the Payment Info tab, select an Invoice Adjustment Type. If the registration had already been paid, you will also select a Payment Adjustment Type. These will be used to write off the original invoice, and then a new invoice for the new Member pricing amount will be created.**

  5. If payment had already been applied to the registration, that payment will be moved to apply to the new invoice. An Unapplied Payment will be created for the overpayment amount, or you can choose to refund the difference* for Credit Card payments.
    1. If you prefer to manually edit/adjust the invoice, simply click Do Not Modify Invoice and Payment Records and you can then click "Edit Invoice" after saving the registration to make your desired changes.
  6. Click Save. The registration will be updated and linked to the new invoice.

Watch a Training Video:

* Note that your credit card gateway (e.g. Authorize.net) may decline to process a partial refund on the same day the card was charged, because the transaction has not yet settled. If you see a response from the gateway that the transaction is not eligible for a credit, you can:

1) Wait until the next day when the transaction settles to make your updates, or

2) Uncheck "Refund Credit Card" and save the registration. An Unapplied Payment in the partial amount will be created on the member's profile, and you can adjust off the transaction after the transaction has settled to issue a partial refund.

If you would like to manually adjust the invoice/payment records tied to a registration, rather than rely on the automated process outlined above, you can do so by choosing Do Not Modify Invoice/Payments and editing the invoice directly. See below for a brief video on editing registrations to change the pricing in conjunction with a manual invoice update:

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