Report Listing Levels for Members in Online Directory


Is there a way to pull a report to show which Listing Levels in the Online Directory each member is assigned to?



You can use the Category Listings data group in the Data Export/Reporting Tool to pull this information. Go to Reports > Data Export/Reporting Tool, and choose Create a New Query. To run a query to see all members' listing levels:

1. Choose the Category Listings data group.

2. Choose the fields you would like to see displayed - specifically, you will probably want to include profile ID and/or name, category, and then "Detail Listing Type" and "Listing Type" - click the >> to add them to the list, and click next.

3. Click Add a New Filter. If you want to run this for all members, simply choose "Member Checkbox" from the field dropdown, and set the filter to Equal to True. You could get more specific as well, and add in filters to see all profiles with or without a listing type of Level 3, etc. Click next.

4. If you would like to sort by a certain field, click Add a Sort and choose the field by which you would like to sort the results. Click Next.

5. The data will be displayed. You can export this to Excel by clicking "Go" at the bottom next to "Export to CSV", and you can save the query to run at a later time by clicking the Save Query for Future Use button.


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