Directory Overview


Make sure to follow our Release Notes section to be notified as we continue to make improvements to the new directory throughout the year.

The new directory is designed to be a streamlined, simple-to-maintain online directory of members that flows nicely with your member portal and other MC Trade web components. It uses updated infrastructure to allow for scalable results of thousands of listings and helps visitors of your website find what they're looking for quickly and easily.

The directory is also fully optimized for mobile viewing, ensuring your directory is easily searchable and results are easy to see, scroll, and navigate.


The landing page of the directory includes a drop down list to the left of the search field which allows you to choose a specific category or All for a general search.

A general search will look at the profile name, category/sub-category names, listing keywords, and products and services.


A Filter option is available before and after initiating a search to filter by affiliation code and/or by several location-based filters: City, County, State, and Zip Code.

In the example above, there is one enabled affiliation type called Demographics.


Results are then displayed in order of relevance based on the search, and include information and highlights based on the Level configured in each listing: 


Detail Listing

Finally, each member has a detail listing page with a full description and other information, again based on the Detail Level configured for the listing.

A Contact Form is also displayed that allows visitors of your website to send messages to your members without exposing email addresses to potential phishing/spam risk.


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