Manage Referral Codes

Referral Codes
How do I add, edit or remove Referral Types?

MC Trade helps you quantify member benefits by tracking Referrals Types. By default, MC Trade automatically tracks referrals through various Web Modules, including the Business Directory, Event Sponsorships, Front Desk, and Banner Ads. You may also manually assign Referrals through the Profile Selector or on the Referral panel within each Profile. Follow these steps to create Referral Types.

1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes, then click Member Codes > Referral Type Codes.

2. Click Add a Referral Type, and enter the name and description of the referral you'd like to track.   

3. Click Save. Your new Referral Type will appear in the codes datagrid.

Note: Only your custom Referral Types are displayed here. The system referral codes (Directory View, Member Login, etc.) cannot be edited. 

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