Set up Anonymous Profile for Event Sign Ups

When a registration is submitted online from an attendee who is NOT logged in with their username/password, that registration will be assigned to the Anonymous profile. All databases roll out with the Anonymous profile, but you have the ability to change the default profile for online registrations. To set up a new anonymous profile, follow these steps:

1. Go to Profiles > Create New Profile.  Enter the Organization Name as 'Miscellaneous Event Sign Ups,' or whatever you prefer.  All other contact info can be left blank.

2. Click Save. You do not need to create any related profiles or any other information, and the profile does not need to be set as a member.

3. Now go to Admin > Set Preferences > Application Settings, and choose the Online Payments tab.

4. Click the Anonymous Profile ID browse button [...] to open the Profile Selector.  Search for the profile that you just created in steps 1-2, and click Select.

5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Once this anonymous profile is set up, all online registrations will be applied to it.  Note that as these registrations come in, you can assign them (and their corresponding invoices) to existing profiles in the registration management screen (click here to learn more).

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