Administrative Event Settings

You can choose which event web page settings are available for your event web pages in the Event Settings section of your Admin menu.

1. From the MC Trade browser, go to Admin > Configuration Settings, then choose Event Registration Settings from the drop down menu.  If you are working in the desktop app, go to to Admin > Set Preferences > Event Settings.

2. In the Features section, you'll see a list of the different features that you can choose to display on your event web pages:


3. Uncheck the box of any feature that you want to make unavailable for ALL EVENTS.  If you leave a checkbox checked, you will be able to choose whether or not you display that feature on each individual event in the Event Settings section when editing an event.

4. In the Additional Questions Text field, type the text you would like to display on the event web page next to the "Additional Questions" feature.  This text will only display if the Additional Questions feature has been enabled for an event:


5. If you would like to use a custom "button" for your Register button on the event detail page, you can upload and enter an Image URL and the Register button will use the image selected.

6. To override our standard Registration Confirmation Message, enter a template using the basic HTML tools and dynamic fields listed to the left of the field. Note that this confirmation template will be used for ALL event registration confirmations, and there will be no text/info included in the confirmation email other than what you enter here.

7. In the upper right corner of the registration page, default text is displayed that reads "Log in above for faster registration and special pricing." To override that message, enter your own text into the Sign In Button Text field.

8. If you would like to automatically fill in the first attendee's contact information with the initial registration contact info entered (best practice), check the Automatically Check "I am also an attendee'.

9. To override our standard Subject Line on all confirmation emails ("Registration Confirmation"), enter your own subject line text in Registration Confirmation Email Subject.

10. If you do not want members/profiles to be able to log in prior to registering for an event, check the Hide Sign In Button setting to remove the Login button from your registration page.

11. While you can choose unique payment types for each different event item when setting up each individual event, you can set an overall default payment type for all events in the Revenue section:


12. If your association has a primarily organization-based membership, you can check "Organization Profile Assignment" to automatically tie all registrations that come in from logged in Individual profiles to their related organization. This is recommended for associations where the member checkbox "lives" with the organization.

13. When editing registrations after they have come in/been entered, if you make any change that will cause the registration line items/amounts to be different than the existing invoice, the system will automatically trigger an update to adjust the original invoice and generate a new, updated invoice. If you would prefer to handle invoice updates manually as your default, select "Check Do Not Modify Invoices/Payments by default." This way registration edits will not automatically trigger an invoice modification until actually overridden by the user on any given registration.

14. Click Save Settings at the bottom to save your changes.

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