Manage Event Types

Event Types

MC Trade helps you manage multiple event calendars and events, from promoting the event all the way to taking registrations and payments online. Events are classified by Event Types, which help you organize the many different kinds of events your organization coordinates.
Many organizations develop broad categories for their events, while others are more specific. Visitor's to your online Event Calendar can search for events by Event Type. Follow these steps to create Event Types.

1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes, then click Event Codes > Event Types.

2. Click Add a New Event Type.

3. Enter the name and description of your new Event Type.

4. If the Event Type should appear and be searchable on your online Event Calendar, click the Public check box. If this is an internal Event Type not for public viewing, leave the box unchecked.

5. Click Save. The new Event Type Code appears in the Codes grid.

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