Allow Event Attendees to Register and be Invoiced as Organizations

In MC Trade, profiles can be individuals or organizations, and each profile has his/her own username and password for logging in to register for events. If you have an organization-based membership, this means that registrants are often logging in as individuals to register even though best practice is to keep event sign up and invoice records on the organization (member) profile.  To avoid manually moving these event sign ups and invoice, you can automatically connect new individual registrations to their organization. With this step, the invoice will automatically connect to the organization profile, and the individual will still be recorded as the attendee.

To enable (or disable) this setting:

1. Go to Admin > Configuration Settings, then select Event Registration Settings from the dropdown. Click open the Revenue section of settings.

2. Check the checkbox next to "Organization Profile Assignment" to enable this feature. 

3. Click Save Settings.


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