What is Entity Management?

Your organization may house more than one entity, each with its own data management needs. In the past, this would have required you to manage multiple databases with possibly duplicate information. When duplicate information is kept in multiple databases, the chance increases that one or more of the databases contains incorrect information. Entity Management helps correct this issue.

Rather than keep multiple databases, each entity stores its information in a single, joint database. Information is assigned to individual (or multiple) entities, allowing one database to provide separate information for a Chamber of Commerce, a Convention & Visitors Bureau, and a local leadership program as an example. Each of these entities can have separate websites with entity specific information - separate news articles, separate events & calendars, separate listings, etc. Yet the main database remains the same.

Managing the entity-specific information is as simple as a click of a button. When the information is added to the database, one click determines what entity(s) displays that information.

Tools within MC Trade that accept entity information include the member database, events, and listings.


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