Scheduling a Recurring Email


Emails that you send on a regular basis to a standard group of profiles can be set up as Recurring Emails, to be delivered automatically based on your settings. This could include sending daily "Welcome" emails to anyone who joined that day, monthly dues invoices, committee reminders, and more.

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Scheduling a Recurring Email

  1. Click on the Communication menu and Send Email.

This article will not cover all of the options when building and sending an email, but focus on what is necessary to schedule a recurring email. For more details on the Send Email feature, click here.

Message Tab

  1. Enter a Subject.
  2. In the text box, enter your message, or choose a template.
  3. Click on the Profiles tab.

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Profiles Tab

  1. Enter the From Email and From Name.

At any point, if you need to save your message and return to it later, click Save in the upper right corner. Loading the saved draft is a function of the Message Admin.

  1. Click on the To drop down list to choose the recipient(s). The Create New List options or the Select Saved Data View option allow you to create a dynamic list of email addresses - where you tell it to search for profiles based on profile or invoice information.

The search criteria that you choose for a dynamic list will automatically update the list of recipients based on information at that time. So, if you are using Date field searches then you may want to choose In the Period, so that it is relative to the time of the email, instead of choosing a static date.

For example, you click on the To drop down list and choose Create New List in Profile Selector. Under the Member Activity tab, you add a field, choose Joined, In the Period, and Last 1 Day.

If you forgot what you added or create more lists and want to see all of the criteria, click Show Summary.

If you click Show Summary to see a breakdown, you will also see an option to Clear All Search Criteria if you want to remove all criteria and start fresh.

  1. Click on the Send tab.

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Send Tab

  1. Select Set As Recurring to turn this into a recurring email.
    • Choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly (By Date), or Monthly (By Day of the Week).
      • For Weekly, you will need to choose which day of the week and time.
      • For Monthly (By Date), you will need to choose which date (1st, 2nd, etc.) and time.
      • For Monthly (By Date of the Week), you will need to choose which day of the month (first Sunday, second Monday, etc.) and time.
      • If you chose Monthly By Date, the "Last Day" option will vary according to month.
      • On the day you chose, the email will be "held" in the mass communicator queue until the time that you chose (based on your local time).
    • Override all Do Not Email flags each time this email is sent: If enabled, the recurring email will still be sent to profiles even if you enabled the profile option: Do Not Email.

    • Stop sending recurring email after date: If enabled, you may specify a date after which this recurring email will no longer be sent.

  1. Click Send Recurring Email.

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Managing Recurring Messages

When you send a recurring email:

  • It will appear in the Message Admin (Communication > Message Admin).
  • You can go back and edit future occurrences by going to the Recurring tab of Message Admin, and clicking on the subject of that message.
  • From the Recurring tab, you can copy a message to create something similar, or you can delete it.
  • To cancel without deleting, click on the subject, then the Send tab, and choose Send Immediately. This will take the selection off of recurring. Then click Save and it will move to the Drafts tab.

A message under the Recurring tab is the template from which MC Trade will create a copy and email at the defined time.

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Training Video

View more examples of automated recurring emails here or click below for a training video:

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