Profile View Screen

When you select a profile from either the quick search results or from the Profile Selector results grid, it will open the "Profile View" with all profile information displayed. The section on the left contains the Profile Name, Primary Listing Category, and Membership Level. It continues with other relevant membership and contact information, whether it's an organization or individual profile.

To make changes to the profile, click the Edit Profile button at the top of the profile information section. The button to the left of the Edit Profile will allow you to execute your "drop" actions if the profile you're viewing is a member already, or alternately that button will allow you to "Add as Member" if you're viewing a non-member profile.

The rest of the page then contains details on each of the different areas of the profile:


If the profile has ever had any invoices, the Revenue section will appear (a blank revenue section means this profile has never been invoiced in your database). A pie chart shows total lifetime invoiced amount, divided between dues and non-dues revenue. Under the invoice amounts, the total annual amount of active "Dues" billing records is displayed. 

On the right is an aging summary, displaying the total amount outstanding for invoices in each aging period. 

Primary Relationships

In this section, you'll find all profiles that are related to the profile you are viewing, that have a relationship type set as "Primary." Individuals will appear first, with the Main Contact and Billing Contact appearing at the top. After that you'll see any related organization profiles. If there are more than 10 related profiles, you'll see indicators at the bottom of this section to scroll through each page, or you can click Manage All to view a full list of all related profiles and edit the relationships. 

Also in this section are two quick-action buttons: Relate an Existing Profile and Relate New Profile. Note that the New Profile option contains an automated duplicate check, so if you're not sure if the profile you want to add already exists, you can go ahead and choose Relate New Profile and you'll be notified if there is a potential duplicate that you'd prefer to select instead.


All Affiliation Codes to which the profile is assigned will appear in the "Affiliations" section, grouped by Affiliation Type.


The Referral Report section contains a pie chart displaying all referrals from the past 12 months, segmented by Referral Type with a key. You can also click View Value Report to view the online referral report for this member.


This section displays a list of any event for which this profile has a sign up and/or attendee record. Note that all registrations will display here, regardless of whether the event has occurred already and/or if attendees were flagged as "attended."

Custom Fields

In the Custom Fields section, you'll see any values that have been entered on this profile for Custom Fields your organization has created. Note that if this particular profile does not have a value entered for a certain Custom Field, it will not appear here. You can click Edit to add/update the values for the profile.

Member Activity

A history of the date joined/dropped or other manual Member Activity records will display in this section, in chronological order.


Here you'll see a history of the most recent Contact records you've recorded for this profile. The Profile View displays contacts in the past 90 days, with the beginning of the contact description. To view full descriptions and/or a longer timeline, click Manage All. You can also add a new Contact from this screen, with the Add a Contact link.


If you utilize the Benefit Management module in MC Trade, you'll see a list of all of this profile's active Benefits listed at the bottom of the Profile View, with a chart indicating current usage towards the fulfillment of the benefit. You can click Manage All to add, edit, or flag benefits as used. 

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