CommUnity | Set Up and Manage Member Segments

Segments Manager

From the Site Building Tools section of the Admin Panel, click Segments Manager. The Segments Manager screen enables you to create new member segments. Segments are used throughout the platform to organize groups of members and control which groups of members can see what kind of information.




Segments can be marked as Private and if checked, users cannot self-select this segment and the segment does not appear in maps. The Default segment is the segment that new registrants will be assigned to.

Member Segments can be used to:

  • Personalize access to pages and features
  • Personalize Profile Questions
  • Grant Recognition Badges
  • Segment users for display in certain block or for administrator analysis

Click Create New Segment to add a new segment. Please note, new segments appear at the bottom of the screen. Enter in the Member Segment Name, determine if you want it to be private and/or the default.

Click Save Segments when finished.

Manage a Member’s Segments

From the Manage Members section of the Admin Panel, click Members Search.




To find a member, enter in criteria to search by and click Search.

Click on the member in the Search Results grid to edit their Member Details.




Select the Segments tab at the bottom of the screen, adjust the segments for the member via the checkboxes, and click Save Segments.



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