CommUnity | Dashboard

The dashboard is the landing page for users in the community. The dashboard is made up of the following sections: 



The newsfeed allows you to easily see what’s going on in the community at a glance. You can visit the community, see what’s happening, and engage quickly and efficiently within one module. The newsfeed allows you to not only see but engage with the content displayed in it.


From the newsfeed, you can: 

  • Create a post
  • Reply to posts
  • React to posts
  • Edit or delete your own posts
  • Copy direct links to posts
  • Mark posts as objectionable
  • Use hyperlinks to navigate to files, groups, events, user profiles, organization profiles, and more

You are able to view and respond to all content within the newsfeed, including forum topics. Content is displayed with the comments underneath, so you can comment on content, reply to other users, and have entire conversations all on a single screen! You also have the ability to create basic posts from the newsfeed.

Posts created at the top of the newsfeed will be shown to the entire community as well as in your profile newsfeed. This is an easy way for you to ask questions and share content and ideas with the community without needing to create a full forum post.

For more information on the newsfeed, check out the CommUnity | Newsfeed article.

Community Tour

You can launch a simple—yet informative—walkthrough tour directly from the dashboard so you feel comfortable getting started navigating and using the community.

As a result of the tour, you can spend less time learning the software and more time having conversations with other members.  


The tour takes you on a brief walkthrough of the community, including reviewing the newsfeed, your profile photo, your profile, the member directory, events, groups, and discussions.

My Groups

Groups within the community provide a dedicated space for smaller groups within your organization to connect, learn, share, and collaborate, allowing members to engage with other like-minded people in the community.

The My Groups section on the dashboard displays the groups you belong to. You can quickly navigate to your groups by clicking the hyperlinked group name within the section. The My Groups section defaults to sort from largest to smallest Member Count, but you can change the sort or use the search bar at the top of the section to find your desired group quickly and easily!


My Bookmarks

You can bookmark items throughout the community that you want to be able to access quickly from your dashboard. Clicking the hyperlinked item in the My Bookmarks section will take you directly to the item you bookmarked.


You can bookmark the following items across the community site:
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Files
  • Videos
  • Discussions

Trending Tags

When a post or comment includes a hashtag, the hashtag shows in the Trending Tags section of your dashboard. You can click the hashtag to open the search page for that hashtag and see all posts and items related to that tag. You can also search for hashtags using the main spyglass search in the upper right of the page.


The Trending Tags section is limited to a maximum of 10 hashtags, and shows results from the past two weeks (14 days).

Upcoming Events

Events in the community provide networking opportunities and more chances for member-to-member engagement. You can quickly see future events in the Upcoming Events section of your dashboard. 


Events are sorted by date and time by default, with the soonest events showing at the top of the section. The Upcoming Events section displays 2 events per page, and you can browse through the paginated pages to see upcoming events for up to 365 days out. Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific upcoming event you can use the search bar at the top of the section to quickly locate that event. You can also click the hyperlinked event name to view more details on that event. 

Find an event that looks interesting? You can RSVP directly from the Upcoming Events section—click the Going button to add yourself to the attendee list for that event. Need to make a change to your RSVP? Click the Going button again to select a different option. The checkmark symbol shows next to your selected option.


Show your excitement for an upcoming event by selecting a reaction. Hover over the Like button to display a selection of reactions to choose from. You can also see the number of people who reacted with each reaction.




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