Profile Transaction Management

When viewing a Profile, the revenue panel in the upper right contains a link to "View Transactions." In this screen, you'll see a full history of all invoices for this particular profile:


By default an 18-month window of invoice dates display, but you can change the date range in the upper right corner. In each row, you'll see:

  • Invoice Date: the date billed on the overall invoice
  • Invoice Number: the system-generated Invoice Number, which is clickable to view/edit invoice details
  • Description: this column shows the description of the first Line Item on the invoice. If there are multiple line items, you'll see a link that says "Expand" to view the description of the other line items.
    • Payment history: if you click Expand on any invoice that has had a payment applied, you'll see a list of the payments made with the payment date, type, and amount.
  • Due Date: the date the invoice is/was due 
  • Amount Paid: the total adjusted amount of all payments made against the invoice
  • Amount Due: the adjustment amount currently due after all line item adjustments and payments for that invoice

To edit or view more details on any given invoice, click the hyperlinked Invoice Number field in the grid. To print or email the invoice, click the Actions dropdown in the last column of the grid for that invoice.

To create a new invoice for the profile, click New Invoice. Click here for details on the steps to manually create an invoice.

To apply a payment for the profile, click Apply Payment. You can also tag a specific invoice in the grid first to target that invoice for your payment, or you can just select from all open invoices after clicking Apply Payment. Click here for more details on applying a payment.

In the Actions dropdown, you'll find the following options:


  • Print: runs your organization's invoice template for the selected invoices, which you can export or print from your browser
  • Email: launches a new email to the profile's billing contact with the invoice download linked. Click here for more details on emailing invoices.
  • Print Statement: runs your organization's Statement report for the profile (independent of selections in the grid, this runs for all open invoices for the profile).
  • View Online Bill Pay: this links you to the member's online bill pay page so you can view their portal bill pay section as it will appear to them when logged in

Unapplied Payments are used to record received payments that do not have a corresponding invoice. You can see the history/balance of these for a profile by clicking the "Unapplied Payments" tab next to the Invoices tab that is selected by default. This will display a history of all Unapplied Payments created and then applied to invoices for the profile, with a current balance available to apply displayed above the grid. Click here to learn more. 

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