Delete Invoice Batches

Invoices generated in a batch with the Generate Invoices feature can be deleted en masse if necessary, using the Delete Previously Generated Batch feature. This is useful if you have generated a batch of invoices with an incorrect date or memo, and need to delete and recreate that batch. 

Note that invoices that have already had adjustments or payments applied can NOT be deleted through this process, and must be manually written off and/or deleted one by one. 

To delete a batch of invoices, go to Revenue > Generate Invoices and click "Delete Previously Generated Batch" in the upper right corner of the screen. 



The following window appears:


Enter the batch number, and click Next. The system will search the invoices, and display the total count for that batch at the bottom of the window:


The invoice batch will be processed in the background, with any invoices that have adjustments or payments skipped. This process generally takes a few minutes, depending on the number of invoices. 

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