Generating Invoices

This requires a billing record on either the profile's membership level or the profile directly.

Whether you create and send invoices for recurring revenue (dues, etc) once a year, every month, or more, the Generate Invoices tool allows you to select the billings you want to generate and create all invoices in one simple batch. 

To begin, go to Revenue > Generate Invoices. 


Begin by selecting the month you would like to generate. Usually this will be 1-3 months out from the current date, in order to send the invoices out well ahead of the due date. 

Next, choose specific revenue items on which to filter your billing records. If you want to find all billing records for any revenue item that should be generated in the selected month, simply leave this field blank. However, if you'd like to limit the batch to only one or a few revenue items, begin typing the revenue item name into the field. A list of match items will appear, and you can select the one you want. Then just start typing the next one to enter as many as you want for this particular batch.  


The Invoice Date will default to the current date, but you can change this if you prefer - it will become the Invoice Date on all generated invoices. The Apply Year will default to the next time your selected month takes place - generally just the currenty year - and will be used in conjunction with the billing's Anchor Month and Anchor Day to create the Due Date and line item Apply Dates for the invoices.

If you would like to display a note that will print on all generated invoices, you can enter this into the Invoice Memo field. This is optional.

Finally, to preview the invoices that will be created based on these selections, click Preview Invoices to Generate.


On the left/default tab, a list of all of the billing records matching your selections that are eligible to have an invoice generated are displayed. You can click the Profile Name to view the profile if you need to see more details. If any invoices will NOT be generated, that will be listed on the second tab, "X Invoices will not be created." On this tab, you'll find any billing records that are set to Bill Manually, have expired, or would create a potential duplicate invoice of an invoice already created for that profile. The reason is listed on the right column. 

You can select and move billings back and forth between the "to generate" and "to not generate" tabs. Simply select the billing, then click the Actions dropdown. You'll see either the option to remove the billing from the generate list, or move it back to the generate list and ignore the potential duplicate/manual warning. 


As soon as you select Remove Selected Billings, all items you had selected will move over to the "will not be created" tab and you'll see the total count go up:


If you change your mind and/or would like to override any of the other items that are set to not be created, select them and choose "Override and Generate" to move them back on to the list to create.

Finally, once your list of invoices to generate looks good and you're ready to create invoices, click the Generate Invoices button. All billing records listed to be generated will have an invoice created according to the settings on the profile/billing. The user listed above the search will receive an email when the batch is complete, and you can then print/email invoices for that batch. 

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