Calendar Settings

These settings will change the look and feel of your Event Calendar.

  1. Click on the Admin menu and then Global Settings.
  2. Click on the Web Preferences tab and then Calendar Settings.

  1. Click on the Website Domain, if you have more than one, and choose the desired domain. This allows you to have different calendar settings for each domain.
  2. After making changes to the settings described below, click Save (at the top).

Calendar Title: Enter the title that should appear in the header bar.

Calendar Subtitle: Enter the subtitle that should appear in the header (below the title).

Header Image or Header Color: Choose a header image or color to appear behind the title and subtitle.

The header color can be selected or entered as a hex code.

When selecting, if you wanted green, for example, you would click here:

Then you would click somewhere in here to choose the degree of green:

The other option is to do a web search for, as an example, "hex code light green" and then copy and paste that here:

Whether you select it or enter the hex code, click outside of the window to close it.

Calendar Menu Settings: This allows you to show or hide menu items at the top of the calendar page.


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