Overview of the Submit an Event Web Page

MC Trade allows you to accept Event Submissions from your Website so that you can add events to your Event Calendar Web Page that are not yours. Once an event is submitted, it's up to you as to what happens to the event:

  • You can Approve or Reject the Event
  • You can Edit the Event Information to fit your requirements
  • You can determine which Event Calendar the event appears on

To configure your Community Event Submission form, go to Events > Community Event Submissions and select Submission Form Settings.

  • The page title will display at the top of the form
  • The form will include an Event Type selection, unless you choose "Hide event type" which will result in no event type being visible on the form, and the resulting event will have the "Default calendar type" selected from the dropdown below the checkbox. 
  • If you want to restrict this page to only authenticated profiles/members, check "Require login to submit an event." If the user is not logged in when they go to the submission form, they will be redirected to a login screen. 
  • Add any custom "Confirmation text" that you would like to display after the form is submitted. 

You can view the form at your default MC Trade domain, at the URL https://web.mydomain.com/atlas/events/eventsubmission. 

The image below is an example of the form for submitting an event. All fields pictured below are included by default, except Event Type as noted above. 

Click here to learn how to manage submitted events.



 This feature is included or available for purchase with the following MC Trade packages.


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