Coupon List and Directory Coupons

Coupons created in your system can appear as a link in the Online Directory listing for a member, as well as on a Coupon List web component page. 

For information on configuring and creating/approving coupons, click here

Once coupons are created and available on your member profiles, they will be displayed on your Coupon list page, accessible at your default MC Trade domain with /coupons appended ( 

The user can filter by Coupon Type on the left. When a coupon is clicked, the details display on a new page, with the option to print the coupon from the browser. 

In addition to the Coupon list page, any member listing that has any coupons attached to their profile will have a "View Coupons" link on both the results listing, as well as the detailed page for that profile. When clicked, the user will be taken to the Coupon List page above, filtered to only the coupons for the selected profile. 


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