Create or Setup Different Coupon Types


How do I set up different coupon types?



You can create multiple coupon types so you can have different coupon programs running at the same time. You must have at least one Coupon Type.

1. To create a new type of coupon type, go to Admin > Manage Codes > Website Codes > Coupon Types.

2. In the Coupon Type field enter a title for the type of coupon, such as 'Visitor Coupons' or 'Member to Member Discounts.'

3. In the Description field, enter a longer description of the coupon type. In many cases this will be the same as the coupon type name. This name will appear on the coupon itself to identify what type of coupon it is.

4. Check the Members Only box if you want this type of coupon to only be available in Members Only. This will require site visitors to login before viewing the coupon.

5. Check the Active box to make this program active or uncheck it to deactivate a coupon type.

6. Check the Show Coupon Icon in Public Directory box if you want an icon to appear on member listings in the public directory. (Members Only coupons would show the icon, but the coupon would not be viewable until a user logged in to Members Only).

7. In the Directory Icon/Img URL field, enter a full path URL to an icon image you would like to use for this coupon type. This image should be located in a directory on your web site. (i.e., This image will appear in coupons lists on the web site and the business directory.

8. In the Disclaimer field, enter any disclaimers or additional information you want to appear on each coupon. For example, "The ABC Organization does not guarantee the availability and price of items offered in this coupon."

9. Enter the Maximum Number of Coupons Allowed Per Profile. For example, if you only want your members to have 1 coupon for the 'Member 2 Member' coupon, choose 1.

10. Click on Save to save your coupon type.



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