FAQ: Moving to the new Form Builder from legacy Web Input Forms

If your organization's Membership Application/join form is still using a legacy Web Input Form, created by our web developers and managed through the desktop, you'll need to create a new form in our browser Join Form Builder prior to the desktop End of Support date of 3/31/2024. 

Below you can find the answers to common questions on this flow, as well as links to the many resources available to help you. 

How do I know if I still have a "legacy" join form? 

There are two key "tells" to know if you're on the legacy web input forms, rather than our newer join form option launched in 2019. First, go to the join form page on your website. If the URL format is anything OTHER than "yourdomain.com/forms/1" , particularly if there is a .aspx at the end of the URL, you are using an old form. 

In addition, if you view the submissions by going to Communication > Web Input in the desktop version of the software, these are submissions from a legacy form. These submissions will not be available in the browser version. 

How do I create the new version of this form? 

We have tons of resources and videos online to help you learn how to use our self-service form builder! Check out the links below, and the many articles and resources linking from these : 

  • Overview of the online Join Form and how to build and use it
  • Pricing options: how to set up the billing templates, purchase items, and/or calculations that will power your form pricing
  • Form Settings: configure your form to determine how profiles are created from your form, payment options, notification settings, and more

I created my new form - now how do I link to it on my website? 

There is no direct connection or "cutover" between the old URL of the old form, and the new URL for the new form - you'll simply need to find any place on your website etc. that currently links to the old form, and change out the link to go to the new form instead.

You can get the link to the new form by clicking "View Join Form" in the upper right corner of the form builder. You can copy that link, and then paste it into your website Content Management System or other menu item/content links wherever you'd like to use it on your website. 

What's different about how the form submissions come in to my system? 

In the old web input forms, all submissions came in to a "holding tank" in the desktop. You would need to go view the submissions and right-click to approve them, which would create or link profiles from the basic profile info, and generate an invoice and payment to go along with the credit card payment record, which did not exist until you manually completed that step. Any information submitted through the form other than basic contact information then had to be manually transcribed into the new profile. 

In the new forms, all data entry is completely automated. The member profile and any related profiles are created upon submission in your system, giving instant access (the only exception is if you allow a "bill me later" option and do not want to set the profile as a member until they have later paid - learn more). All billing info, affiliation codes, custom field values, contact information, and of course invoice/payment information is automatically created, and you receive an email with a summary of the information. In the View Submissions screen for that form, you will then have the option to view the details and merge the new member profile with any old/previous profiles for that member as necessary. Learn more

In the past I've just contacted Support to have my form updated. How do I manage updates to the form moving forward? 

Creating or changing forms in any way is now managed completely by you through the form builder, with no HTML coding knowledge required. You can add, change, or remove fields from the form at any time, even if you've already received submissions. If you need to make pricing changes, you can do that on the pricing fields of the form itself, or if you use a Pricing Calculation, you may just need to make the changes there, which will then flow through to your form. Learn more

How will I be able to see the submission details from old web input submissions after I've moved to the new form? 

Once support for the desktop ends next year, you will no longer be able to go back and view the submissions in the Web Input section of the desktop. That data will not be deleted, but you will not be able to access it in the browser version. Note that this DOES NOT impact any profiles, invoices/payments, or other data that was created FROM the submission, it only impacts the actual submission data itself displayed in the Web Input screen in the desktop. If you'd like to archive that data, we recommend exporting the submissions by right-clicking in the desktop Web Input grid and choosing "Export to CSV."

Are there any resources available for me to get some extra help on best practices to configure my join form? 

Yes! In addition to all of our online Help Center resources, we do have some service options available for customers who need extra help or consulting on the best way to manage their online join forms and general membership application workflow. You can check those out here: https://memberclicks.com/professional-services-packages-trade/

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