Browser Feature Timeline/Roadmap

Please see below for an overview of the main features added to the browser in 2023, as well as a short-term roadmap of the items coming soon. Scroll further down for a full timeline of the browser development over the past few years. You can also view a broader roadmap for the coming 12+ months here

Features Coming Soon

  • 2024: Zip Code Lookup/Address Verification

Features Released in 2023 - Release Notes

  • Profile Import
  • Advanced Listing Overrides
  • Embedded YouTube Video
  • Profile Quick Edit (edit from quick search or profile selector results)
  • Bulk Invoice Write-off
  • One-time invoice for multiple profiles
  • ARB ACH Support for
  • Invoice Sent, Rep, Tracking numbers
  • Billing Sold By and ARB setup
  • Manual Referral Entry (bulk or single profile)
  • My Reports Dashboard Links
  • QuickBooks Online Account/Class Import
  • Contact Record Search
  • Member Source Codes
  • Payment Source Codes
  • Referral Types
  • News Article Types
  • Coupon Types
  • Entity Types
  • Entity Domain Management
  • Committee Member Organization Override
  • Post Transactions
  • Pledge Campaigns
  • Query Tool (DERT)
  • Custom SQL for Pricing Calculations
  • Member Notes
  • Referral Tracking on Web Content
  • Profile Selector Custom Result Sets
  • WMS Import
  • Billing address overrides
  • Delete Invoice Batches
  • Voter Voice Data

Features Released in 2021-2022

During this period, infrastructure updates to the browser as well as new front-end website pages were the primary focus of the roadmap: 

Earlier Browser History

2017: The events module was launched completely in the browser, with subsequent modules built out slowly while other desktop improvements continued. 

2018: The Mass Communicator (Send Email) was the next module moved to the browser, with the addition of the Recurring Email functionality, email Analytics, printable invoice special fields, and saved drafts. Other supporting profile search fields were added as well as the Benefit management module and other profile features.

2019: Major improvements to the infrastructure to support the browser were completed, including an important security update to eliminate plain text passwords and improve the workflow for members to automatically set and reset/retrieve their username and passwords. Additional browser features such as dashboard reports, and the first version of our Online Join Form Builder and public forms. 

2020: the majority of key desktop modules were added throughout 2020, starting with an updated Profile View and Edit screen as well as invoice generation, searching, and management. Committees, Sales Opportunities, Tasks, Report upload/download, Web Content, Coupons, News Articles, Banner Ad management, and most System Admin setup were all added during this year, laying the ground work for the remaining features that have followed since then. 

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