Benefits of the Browser Version

The browser version of MC Trade (MC Trade) is an easier, cleaner, and more robust solution. There is nothing to install. The software is simply accessed from a web browser, so you can get to it from any computer. Also, if you are moving over from the desktop version, you do not have to start over.

Most of our users are operating out of the browser version and others are moving over in anticipation of the desktop version's end of support date: March 31, 2024.

This move to the browser version will allow our users to have the best experience and that experience will only get better because all MC Trade development will be focused on the browser version.

It is strongly advised that everyone starts using the browser version today, or even playing with it a little each day, so that you can get more familiar and comfortable. We want your transition to be smooth and March 2024 will be here before you know it.

Benefits to Moving Over

Moving to a browser version has become a popular practice:

  1. Easier experience. Better workflows make it easier to use the browser version and review data.
  2. Cleaner experience. Too much information can be overwhelming and too little information can be frustrating. The browser version tries to thread that needle and display everything in a more logical and digestible way.
  3. New or improved functionality. With the browser version, we had the opportunity to take things in a new direction, and we did. We created new features, more options, and additional data views. It is all very exciting, and we cannot wait to see more users in there.
      • New feature: Form builder with an automated join form and more.
      • An improved Invoice Selector with more capabilities such as searching by revenue item.
      • Improvements to managing committees, sending email, and the list goes on.

If you are still using the desktop version, we want to help you with that transition, so we are developing this area of the help center to guide you.

Overcoming the Barriers

Barriers to moving from the desktop version to the browser version:

  1. Features that only exist in the desktop version -> We have been moving core features of the desktop version over to the browser.
  2. The learning curve -> We are creating resources in this "Desktop to Web" category of the help center to help. Our team is also standing by.

Overall, the two versions are similar - all of the pieces and how they work together. The "What" did not change, but some of the "Where" and "How" did. Some features and options will be right where you left them, while others were moved to a better location, and we will break that down in another article.

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