Browser Transition FAQ

What will happen when I try to log in to the desktop after March 31, 2024? 

Starting early in 2024, you'll start seeing a warning every time you log in that the desktop is going out of support and you should transition to our browser version for all tasks (or convert to our supported Desktop Connect version for accounting package integrations that require it - see below). After the end of support date, your login will likely still work and you may be able to access the desktop. However, the infrastructure to support it will no longer be maintained and security/compliance updates on that infrastructure will no longer be done. In addition, the Customer Support team will no longer be able to help with any desktop-specific functions or questions and you will be directed to alternative workflows in the browser. At any point after this date, it is possible that the connections powering the desktop are turned off for security purposes and most screens will cease to function. If we anticipate this happening, we will do our best to communicate it ahead of time, but after March 31 we cannot ensure the desktop screens will function moving forward. 


One of the fields/functions I use in the desktop isn't available in the browser, will it be moved over? 

Throughout 2023, the majority of the remaining desktop features are being moved to the browser. You can see a detailed list of the items that have been added to the browser - and those to come shortly- in this article. There are some fields and workflows that we will not be moving, and you can see a list of those here with an explanation of why as well as an alternative workflow for you. If there is a feature you don't see on either list, it's likely been in the browser for awhile and you can find details by searching this Help Center. 


I am integrated with a desktop-installed accounting package (QB Desktop or GP Dynamics), how will I be able to post from the browser? 

QuickBooks Desktop and Great Plains Dynamics both require a local connection from your MC Trade software to the installed desktop application you use for QB or GP. This connection cannot be done from a browser interface, which is why most AMS/CRM software does not offer a direct integration. Given the value we've seen from these integrations over the years, we've decided to continue to support these integrations, along with the desktop Intacct integration, by creating an extremely pared down version of our MC Trade desktop, with only the screens necessary to complete that integration. We will be launching this in Q1 of 2024. Once the Desktop Connect supported version is launched, our Help Team can switch you over to the supported version and you will be able to launch and log in to the the same way you do the current desktop. We will support this version (including security patches and updates) moving forward for the foreseeable future. Click here for more information on desktop posting. 


Will my Web Input forms still work on my website after March 31, 2024? 

While you will still see the forms up and functioning on your website, the Web Input processing screens in the desktop will no longer be supported and you will not be able to have any updates completed to your Web Input forms. Instead these must be created in our self-service browser version of the Form Builder, launched in 2019. Click here for detailed instructions on setting up and linking to your new join and other forms. 


Is the data in the desktop the same as the data in the browser? 

Yes! Other than the fact that we've added NEW database fields along with the dozens of new tools and features we've added to the browser over the years, the underlying data source is exactly the same, regardless of whether it's the desktop or the browser pulling from that data. There is no transfer or sync or anything like that - it's literally the exact same database, and you'll only see changes in the application itself, not your actual data values. 


How can I run the custom reports I have saved only on my desktop? 

Any custom reports that have been UPLOADED (through the desktop or browser) are already available in the browser, under Reports > Run a Report in the Custom Reports section of the menu. If you have reports that live only on your local machine, they will need to be uploaded for you to be able to run them in the browser. Go to Reports > Manage Custom Reports, and click Upload. All standard reports are the same in the desktop and the browser, however if you haven't run an update on your desktop recently, you may have outdated standard reports. 


I'm still using the legacy member portal. Will that be supported after March 31, 2024? 

Although we are no longer making improvements or changes to the legacy member portal, it is not affected by our desktop end of support date. All of the configuration options you use to manage the legacy portal, as well as the Profile Change Requests processing screen, are available in the browser. Some features such as Surveys and Business Connect are being deprecated, and you can learn more about that here, but for the time being the legacy portal will not be removed. That said - you should update to the new portal! It just takes a few minutes and it's cleaner, easier to use, more mobile friendly, and has shown to greatly improve member engagement among the hundreds of customers who have adopted it. Click here to learn more. 

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