How to use this Help Center

Welcome to the Help Center!

The MC Trade Help Center is built to give you as much information about MC Trade and your website as possible. Available within the Help Center are several types of content and media to help keep you ahead of the curve with using your MC Trade system:

  • Get Knowledge
  • Get Assistance
  • Stay Up To Date

Get Knowledge

Start with a Search

As you begin looking for content, make sure you either use the Search Box or drill down in the right Category. The Help Center has a fantastic Search bar that will almost always find the right article for you.

Drill Down into a Module

We've organized the Help Center to mimic the menu structure from MC Trade. Each main Menu item in MC Trade has a corresponding Category in the Help Center. There are also additional Categories for learning about your Website Components (how MC Trade manages your Website) and 3rd Party Integrations we have with other products and services.

Within each Module Category, you'll find four Sections of content:

  • Configuring the module - Articles and guides about how to make this module match your needs
  • Using the Module - How-to articles for successfully utilizing the features in a particular module
  • Reports for the Module - Summary descriptions about all the pre-built reports available for that module
  • Best Practices for the Module - Power Points, PDF's and other media to help you get the most value from the module

There are specific types of content in each Section that can be very helpful:

  • Module Overviews - to help give you a big-picture view of how a Module functions
  • Promoted Articles - an article with a yellow Star next to it is an important article you should read first

Get Assistance

MC Trade has a team of dedicated experts in our Support Department. When you need help or you think something is not working the way it should, you can find access to our friendly and knowledgeable Support Agent staff through the Submit a Request form.

Stay Up to Date

As we continuously enhance MC Trade, you'll find all the monthly Release Notes and Support Announcements and here, as well. Make sure you visit them regularly to get yourself acquainted with the new features and how they work. look for the Release Notes and Announcements category.

Watch the video below for a brief tour and overview of the Help Center.



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