Introducing Pledge Campaigns

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  • Campaign to track target amount and time period
  • Pledges to track donations within campaign
  • Definable pledge levels to organize pledge list (e.g., silver, gold)
  • Graph to track progress of campaign
  • Pledge billing and invoicing
  • Two new reports


The Pledge Campaign module allows you to create a campaign. For example, a targeted fundraising campaign, annual investments campaign, or a capital campaign. It will include a goal amount to be reached within a specific period of time.

Within the campaign, you may add pledges to track donations made by specific profiles. Definable pledge levels are also an option to help organize your list of pledges.

As you add these pledges, you will be able to monitor the progress of your campaign, and track the billing and invoicing of each pledge.


Related Settings

Pledge Campaign Types (Admin > Manage Codes > Revenue Codes > Pledge Campaign Types): This will be required when adding a campaign.

Revenue Items (Admin > Manage Codes > Revenue Codes > Revenue Items): This will be required when adding a pledge within a campaign.

Pledge Level Codes (Admin > Manage Codes > Revenue Codes > Pledge Level Codes): This will be optional when adding a pledge within a campaign.

Related Reports

Both of these reports are found in the pledge campaign area (Revenue > Pledge Campaign).

Pledges By Date Report: This report shows each campaign with the pledging profiles listed below. It includes the date and amount of each pledge, and the balance information of the related invoice.

Campaign Report: This report provides details of the selected campaign including the goal amount and the beginning and end of the campaign period. It includes each pledging profile with the contributing amount and the resulting percentage of progress.

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