Cannot Generate Invoice for a specific member

Why Can't I Generate an Invoice for a Member?

If a member is flagged as unavailable for invoice generation with an status error of "Billing item already run for the given period," this article will help you resolve the issue so that the member's new invoice is available for generation.

The MC Trade system has duplicate billing validation to prevent a member from getting billed twice for the same revenue item during the same time period. While this is a valuable safeguard to prevent duplicate billing, it can lead to some members being flagged as unavailable for invoice generation during the auto-generate process.

To resolve this issue, go to the Transactions screen of the member in question. Next, locate their last invoice for the revenue item that you need to generate a new invoice for (as an example, look for their last dues invoice if you need to generate a new dues invoice). Now, verify that this member does indeed need to have a new invoice generated.

If so, click the Invoice Number to edit the invoice. 

In the Edit Invoice screen, click Invoice Line Items, and review the line item for the revenue item you're trying to generate. Locate the Service Period End Date. This date will need to be updated to end before the next invoice billing period begins. For example, if you are trying to generate invoices for 4/1, then the previous service periods needs to end on 3/31. If there is any overlap, the system will not let you generate the invoice because it is making sure they aren't getting billed twice for the same revenue item for the same time period.

Adjust the service end period date, and then save the invoice. Once this has been completed, the system will allow you to auto-generate an invoice for the member.

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