Preferred Method of Billing

In MC Trade, you can either print hard copies of open invoices or send an email link to your Online Bill Pay for members/profiles to pay their balance. You can define a Preferred Method of Billing on the profile or the member can define it on their profile update page. Then, later, in the invoice selector, you can search for profiles that have Email, for example, as their preferred method.

To set a profile's preferred method of billing:

  1. Find and open the profile.
  2. Click Edit Profile.
  3. On the General Information tab, scroll down to Preferred Method of Billing.
    • If Print is selected, invoices for this profile will be opened in a new window for you to print when using the preferred method.
    • If Email is selected, the mass communicator will be opened for this profile for you to send an Online Bill Pay link when using the preferred method.
    • If Both is selected, the invoice print window and the mass communicator will both be launched when using the preferred method.
    • If Special Handling is selected, this profile will NOT have open invoices included in either the Print or Email options when using the preferred method.

  1. Select the desired method from the dropdown, and click Save Profile at the top.

Your members can also set this preference themselves, in the Members Only portal update profile page. When they submit a preferred method, you will be notified and can Accept or Reject this change as with any other submission (click here for more information). Note that members do not have the option to select Special Handling.

Invoice Selector

The recommended process for sending invoices is to use the Invoice Selector. 

  1. Go to Revenue > Select Invoices.
  2. Search for the invoices you would like to send. You can search using any of the tabs on the left.
    • From the Invoice Info tab, you can add a search field, and choose Preferred Billing Method.
    • If you are sending invoices for collections you will most likely want to use the Aging tab and select All Open.
  3. In the data grid, place a check next to the invoices that you would like to send. Note that you can sort the grid by clicking on any column header, to look for only certain revenue items, dates, amounts, etc. 

4. Click the Actions button above the grid and then choose to either "View/Print Selected Invoices" or "Email Selected Invoices."


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