Pricing Calculations

If your membership dues or other recurring revenue is based on a variable pricing structure, you can set up an automated Pricing Calculation to use a formula to set billing amounts. 

Currently you can set up Pricing Calculations that are based on the Number of Full-Time Employees field of a profile, or any Profile Custom Fields that are set as a "number" data type. 

  • Go to Revenue > Pricing Calculations
  • Click the New button.
  • Enter a Name for the calculation, and select a Revenue Item. The calculation will be used when this Revenue Item is selected in your Online Join Form, and/or for Billing records on a profile or Membership Level.
  • From the dropdown, select the field by which you want to calculate
    • Number of Full Time Employees: this calculates based on the FTE field in the Details tab of a profile
    • Custom Fields: you'll see a list of all of your organization's custom fields that are number-based in this dropdown.* You can choose any of these custom field values to calculate your pricing ranges.
  • Two rows are added by default: a range from 1 - 10, and "everyone else" (11 and up, in this example). Click in the range number fields to change the range if necessary.
  • For the Price, enter an amount to multiply by the number of employees or number in the custom field value, and/or a base price for the calculation. You can choose to enter an amount to only one of these, or both.
  • To add additional ranges, click Add a Row. If you need to remove a row, click the X at the end of the row.
  • Once you have added all ranges to calculate by, click Save. 

* If you do not see your custom field listed, go to Admin > Manage Codes, then click Profile Fields > Custom Fields and change the data type to Integer or Decimal. You may only do this for fields where the value is an actual number, text/letters cannot be used. 

Now that your Pricing Calculation is created, you can use it to calculate dues pricing in several areas of the system.

To use in Membership Levels:

  • Go to Admin > Membership Level Management and click Edit on a Membership Level (or add a new level).
  • On the Billing tab, select the Revenue Item that you assigned to your Pricing Calculation.
  • Check the "Use ARC" checkbox, and select the Pricing Calculation. 
  • Save. Unless you want to update all existing billing records in that level, choose "No, Save Settings Only" so that the calculation will only be used for new billings moving forward.

To use with Join Form Additional Purchase Items:**

  • Go to Communication > Join Form Builder and select your form to edit.
  • Add a new element, and select Additional Purchase Item, then select the Revenue Item that you assigned to your Pricing Calculation.
  • Check the "Use Pricing Calculation" checkbox, and click Add.
  • Make sure you've also included the Number of Employees member contact field in the form, so that the formula can use it to calculate your pricing.

** Note that if you add the Membership Level element to your Join Form, the price of the Membership Level will use any calculations you've assigned to the billing settings for that level, so there is no need to add Additional Purchase Items if you do your billing through Membership Levels.


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