Set a Billing Contact for a Profile

By default in MC Trade, when a new invoice is created for an Organization profile, the main contact person will be used as the "Attention To" name on the invoice. In addition, if the invoice is selected to be emailed via the Invoice Selector (right-click and Email Profiles of Selected Invoices), the main contact's email address will be used.

If you have an organization that has one employee flagged as your Main Profile, but has a different employee that should be used for all invoices that get created for that organization, you can use the Billing Contact flag to indicate which name/email to use for invoices. This will apply to all invoices created for the profile, with the exception of event invoices (which will use the sign up's first/last name and email).

To set the Billing Contact for a profile:

  1. Open the profile in the Profile Browser, and click the Related Profiles tab.
  2. On the profile that you want to set as the Billing Contact, check the Billing Contact checkbox. Note that each profile can have only one Billing Contact.
  3. Right-click and select Save Changes.
  4. Once the Billing Contact is set, any invoices that are created will use that profile as both the "Attention To" field on the invoice, and the "Communicate with Related Profile" field for the invoice.

A few important notes about Billing Contact:

  • Setting a Billing Contact will only affect invoices created moving forward, it will NOT retroactively update the Attention field or Communicate With Related Profile fields of existing invoices.
  • You can further override the Billing Contact on individual recurring Billing records. On the Billing tab of a profile, right-click to create a new or view an existing billing. In the Communicate with Related Profile dropdown, you can select any related profile, regardless of whether they are marked as the Billing Contact. When invoices are generated for that specific Billing record, that related profile will be used instead of the profile's Billing Contact.
  • If you are emailing invoices, remember that the right-click option in the Invoice Selector is the only place that will place the organization profile in the Mass Communicator (to link to the organization bill pay page), but use the email address of the Billing Contact (or Main Contact).
  • You ONLY need to set the Billing Contact if invoices should go to a contact other than the Main Profile. If no employees are marked as the Billing Contact, the system will default to the Main Profile automatically.
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