Set Up Payment Method Fees

If you'd like to charge event registrants for using a certain type of Payment Method, you can add a fee to the Payment Method in the Registration Settings area of your event. A common use is to charge a small fee for choosing to be Billed Later instead of paying with a credit card at the time of registration.

Follow these steps to add a fee to a particular Payment Method:

  1. Open the event to which you'd like to add fees, and click Registration Settings.
  2. In the Payment Methods area, you will see a table identifying all the available Payment Methods for this event. Click the Edit button to apply a fee to a particular Payment Method.
  3. The Payment Method window will open, showing the options for that particular Payment Method.



The following options can be configured for your Payment Method Fee:

  • Available to Public - When checked, this Payment Method will be visible on your website when a Registrant signs up for an event. If this option is not checked, only your staff can use this Payment Option.
  • Applies To - This will show a list of Event Items that you can allow this Payment Method to be available for. If an Item is left unchecked, this Payment Method will not be available to the registrant when signing up on your website.
  • Fee Type - Payment Fees can be a Flat Fee, or a Percentage of the total amount owed for the Registration.
  • Additional Fee - Based on your preference for a Flat Fee or a Percentage, this field identifies the amount of the additional fee to be applied
  • Revenue Item - Use this field to identify which Revenue Item will be used to track the Additonal Fee.
  • Fee Description - This text will appear for the Registrant when selecting this Payment Method, to let them know an additional fee is about to be applied to their purchase.

When a user registers through their website and chooses to use a payment method that has the fee assigned, their total will automatically increase and they'll see a note indicating that they will be charged the amount you enter to use the payment method selected.


Note that the fee will also be added when staff manually enter a registration in MC Trade, however there is an option to "Waive Fee".

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