Apply Payments to Multiple Registrations

If you take payment at the door of your event (cash, third-party credit card terminal, etc), you can select all of the unpaid registrations and create a payment for them in one step after the event. 

  1. Open your event, and click the Registrations tab.
  2. In the Actions dropdown, select Apply Payments, and click the arrow.
    The payment screen is loaded:

  3. Select a payment type - the same payment type will be used for all payments. 
  4. If you would like to track the Payment Source (optional), select one from the dropdown. The dates will default to the current date; you may also change these if necessary.
  5. Below the payment settings, all registrations that have unpaid registrations are listed in a grid. Select the registrations to which you would like to apply payment, or click Select All.
  6. Click Execute. A payment (in full) will be applied to all selected registrations. 
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