Search for Invoices and Print Invoices using the Invoice Selector

Finding and Printing Invoices

How can I search for specific invoices and print them to send to members?

If you know which Profile the Invoice is attached to, you can always reprint Invoices from that Profile's Transactions Tab. But to reprint invoices globally, you can search for, select, and print invoices from the Invoice Selector.  To access the Invoice Selector, go to Revenue > Select Invoices.  You will see four different tabs, each with a different way to search:
Invoice Number

1. In the Invoice Numbers text field, enter the number of the invoices you want to print and click Add. You may enter multiple invoices by entering each number and clicking Add each time.

2. Click Preview.

Batch Number

1. Select the type of batch you want to search by clicking Creation Batch or Posting Batch. Note, you can find previous the Batch numbers of an nvoice by opening the specific invoice.

2. In the Batch Numbers text field, enter the numbers of the batches you want to print and click Add. You may enter multiple Batch Numbers by entering the number and clicking Add each time.

3. Click Preview.

Date Range

1. Enter your desired range of dates - note that this will search for the 'Invoice Date' field on your invoices.

2. Click Preview

Open Invoices by Aging Period

1. Select the aging period for which you would like to see invoices that still have an outstanding balance.
2. Click Preview

Once you have run the search above, highlight the invoice records you want to print, using your Shift and Control keys to select multiple records (you can also right-click to Select All).

With the invoices selected, right-click and choose Print Selected Invoices. A report will run containing each of your invoices, which you can thin export or send to the printer.

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