Which Address Type does MC Trade use in different processes?

MC Trade has several process that will use one of the many Addresses you might store for a Profile. Examples of these are when you generate invoices, when staff looks up a profile, and more. The list below identifies what each one looks for, in order, and moves to the next one if it can’t find the first:

Generate Invoices Process:

  1. Address Override on the specific billing record being generated
  2. Billing Address on the profile
  3. Default Address

One-time Invoice Creation Process:

  1. Billing Address on the profile
  2. Default Address

Event Back-Office Registration with Profile Lookup:

  1. Billing Address
  2. Default Address – this is populated when choosing a profile and/or choosing to overwrite registration data with info from the profile

Event Online Public Registration Process:

  1. Always the address entered during the sign up. If logged in, this is populated as the Default Address, the online registration form does not look for billing address.


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