Import Invoices from .CSV

The Import Invoices tool allows you to import a list of invoices from a spreadsheet containing MC Trade Profile IDs. It provides an Excel (.CSV) template for you, verifies that you've entered all data correctly, and then seamlessly imports the data into your database to create invoices on existing profiles. This tool is ideal for recording billing collected by a third party, doing mass updates, and even creating invoices for paid programs like advertising, voluntary donations, etc. 

To access the Invoice Import tool, go to Admin > Import Invoices.


To download the .CSV template that contains the required columns, click the "download template" button and open the .CSV file that downloads. You'll see 6 column headers for you to place your data:

  • Profile ID: this field is used to determine on which profile to place the invoice that gets created, and is required
  • Apply Date: this will be the Apply Date field on each line item that gets created.
  • Description: this will be the Description on the line item that displays when the invoice is printed
  • Quantity: this will be the Quantity field on the line item, and should be at least 1.
  • Unit Price: this will be Unit Price on the line item, and will be multiplied times the Quantity for the total line item amount.
  • RevenueItemNum: This is the Item number of the Revenue Item for the line item. You can see the Revenue Item Number in your codes, under Admin > Manage Codes > Revenue Codes > Revenue Items.

If any of the fields are not filled in or are filled in with incorrect data (for example a text entry in the Apply Date column), the import will not create an invoice for that row. Be sure to keep the file in the .CSV format in Excel.

To import:

  1. Click Choose and select your file. You can click the "Validate" button to make sure that all rows/columns are filled in correctly.
  2. Set the Invoice Date and Due Date for the invoices. All invoices imported will have the same Invoice Date and Due Date.
  3. Select a Service Period for your invoices (optional). If you do not select a Service Period, the start and end date on each line item will just be the Apply Date indicated on the spreadsheet.
  4. Your email address will be listed for an email notification to be sent when the batch import is complete. If you would like to add additional emails to be notified, click the [+] button to enter more emails.
  5. Click Import. 

After you have received the email notification that your invoices are complete, you can view the invoices under Revenue > Select Invoices, by entering the batch number indicated in your email.


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