Add Benefits to a Single Profile

You can add Benefits to any Member Profile manually at any time, outside of any standard or mass processes. Click here to learn how to assign benefits through Membership Level Management, or click here to learn how to assign benefits to multiple profiles at once.

To add benefits to a single profile, begin by opening the profile.

  1. Click the Benefit Management tab on the profile (or scroll to the Benefit Management section in the browser version). Click Manage Benefits. You can also search in Profiles > Benefit Management for any profile, and click the Edit icon on that profile.
  2. Click Add a Benefit.
  3. Select a Benefit Name. Note that each Profile can only have one active Benefit of each Benefit Type, but you can increase the quantity/value of that benefit.
  4. The dollar value populates automatically from the Benefit Type configuration settings. Enter a quantity for the profile to receive for their current year of membership.
  5. If necessary, update the Total Value for the value of the benefit for their current year of membership.
  6. Enter a Renewal Date for the benefit. This is normally the same as the member's Dues billing anchor month/day.
  7. If you would like this Benefit to renew each year with their membership, check the Renew Annually checkbox.
  8. Click Save.

The Benefit appears in the list of active benefits for the member, and you can click Edit to update any of the fields or click Delete to remove the Benefit from the profile.

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 This feature is included or available for purchase with the following MC Trade packages.


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