Flag a Benefit as Used

Once Benefits are assigned to profiles-- either through the Membership Level Management process or manually--you can track usage of those Benefits through a process called Flagging. You can Flag any specific profile's Benefits used, or you can select multiple profiles to mark a benefit as used for all of the selected profiles.

For a single profile, click the Benefit Management tab on the profile (or scroll to the Benefit Management section in the browser version). Click Manage Benefits.

For multiple profiles, go to Profiles > Benefit Management (this page is in the browser version of MC Trade only). Use the search tools to find the profile(s) to which you would like to update the benefit usage. In your search results, select the profiles to update, or click the Select All checkbox at the top of the grid (this will select profiles from all pages).


  1. Select "Flag benefit as used" from the dropdown of actions, and click the arrow to execute.
  2. Select a benefit name from the dropdown (note, if you have selected a profile that does not have the benefit you choose, that profile will simply not be included in the update).
  3. Enter how many benefits of this type you would like to flag as used (usually 1)
  4. If necessary, enter the total amount you would like it indicate has been used.
  5. Enter your email address to be notified when the update is complete (for mass updates only).
  6. Click Save.

For each profile that has a remaining number of the benefit that you selected, the total quantity/value "used" will be updated. You will receive a confirmation email listing each profile that was successfully updated as well as each profile that did not have the benefit available to update.

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 This feature is included or available for purchase with the following MC Trade packages.


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