Creating or Editing Promo Codes

Promo Codes are discount codes that you can provide to members and other event attendees, allowing them to register for your events at a discounted price. When you create a Promo Code, you also have the flexibility to decide how the invoice adjustment is handled, which Event Items can accept the Promo Code, and how many times the Promo Code can be applied. This flexibility makes Pro Codes a great tool for increasing registrations through sales, loyalty programs, Tiered Dues Benefits, and other important uses.

Follow these steps to configure Promo Codes:

  1. Go to the event in question and, under Event Settings, select the Promo Codes tab
  2. Click New Promo Code.  The Promo Codes screen will appear
  3. Enter a Name for the Promo Code, which will be viewed internally and used for reporting.
  4. Enter the Code text that users must submit when registering for the event. Note that only alpha-numeric characters may be used, in addition to ‘-‘, ‘_’, @, and ‘.’
  5. Choose an Adjustment Type.  This will be used to apply the discounted amount to the event registration invoice as an adjusting transaction.  For more information on Adjustment Types, click here. 
  6. Enter the Discount Amount.  The discount can be set as a flat amount or as a percentage of the total price for the Items selected. For example, check the $ sign and enter 20 if you want a $20 discount for every Event Item purchased on the registration. If you want to reduce the price by 30%, click the % button and enter 30. The discount will be calculated by multiplying the Quantity of Event Items purchased time the Event Item Price (i.e.: Purchasing four $10 tickets will be $40, minus a 30% discount of $12 would leave a total price of $28.)
  7. If the promo code can only be applied to a single quantity of one item, check "Allow Promo Code Only Once Per Registration." If this box is checked, users can register for multiple items and/or quantities that the promo code is eligible for, but the amount will only be taken off one item. If the box is unchecked, the promo code will be applied to every item eligible for the discount, for any quantity.
  8. Select the Event Items for which this promo code will be allowed.  Users may only enter the code if they are registering for items selected in the “Applies to” section. If a user Regirtsers for more than one Event Item and the Promo Codes applies to only one or some of those items, the discount will only apply to the Items in question, not the entire registration amount.
  9. Enter a Usage Limit, if applicable. After the limit is reached, users will no longer be able to enter the code.  You can leave the value as 0 for no limit.
  10. If desired, set a Start Date and End Date for which the promo code is available.  Users will not be able to enter the code outside of the date range. 
  11. Click Save.


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