Enable Benefits to be used by Members (and their Primary Related Profiles) during Online Event Registrations

To allow Members to utilize available benefits when registering for events, you can configure any event to accept benefits as a registration option in online/public registration. When a benefit has been added for an event, logged-in users can see the unused benefits they can use for the event and apply them to their registration.

To set up an event with benefit usage available, open the event and click to the Event Benefits section under Event Settings.

  1. Click Add a benefit.
  2. Select the Benefit name from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose which Event Items the benefit can be used for (for example, a member ticket might be eligible to use the Benefit but a sponsorship is not).
  4. In the Benefit Limit per Member box, set the quantity of Benefits per registration that can be used for each member. For example, if the member receives 5 event tickets per year but can only use one per event, set this limit to 1. You can choose whether to set the limit based on quantity or dollar amount.
  5. Choose an Adjustment Type to use when applying an Adjustment to the Registration Invoice. When the user applies a Benefit to the Registration, the Adjustment Type will be used to write off the Registration line item in the amount of the Benefit.

You can add multiple benefits for each event, of any Benefit Type that is available for event registrations.

Note that inactive benefits will never be available for use during registration. Expired benefits can be made available for a certain number of days after the expiration date - to configure this setting, go to Admin > Set Preferences > Event Settings and open the Features section. In the "Accept Benefits X Days Past Expired" setting, enter the number of days to add to the expiration date that members can use expired benefits during registration.

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