Event Registration Fields

By default, MC Trade will ask all registrants for several pieces of information during the registration process.  In this section, you can determine which fields are displayed, which are required, and add your own custom fields if desired.

Standard Fields

For each field, you will see a checkbox option for both the Registration and Attendee.  The "Registration" encompasses all items/people registering, which may include multiple "Attendees," or individual people (example - a table for 10 would be one registration that includes 10 attendees).

Select the checkbox under each field for "Visible" if you want the field to be available on registrations for this event. Select the "Required" checkbox if you want the field to be required for your online, public registration. Note that fields are never required for internal staff manually adding registrations.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can include contact info not included in the Standard Fields, meal preferences, golf handicap, t-shirt size, how someone heard about the event, etc. Click New Custom Field to create a new field.

Enter a Name for the field, which you will see internally. Enter a Description, which is the "question" you will see on your registration form for the field.

Select whether the field value should be collected for each registration overall, or for each individual attendee within a registration. You can also mark whether it is required.

If the field should only be visible for internal staff, check Staff Only.

Indicate which event items this custom field applies to. You must select at least one event item.

Choose the Display Type. You can choose from single or multi-line text boxes or allow the user to enter a number.  If you choose "Checkbox," the user can either choose to check a box next to the field name or not.


If you choose "Dropdown List," you can enter the different values you want displayed in the list for users to choose from:


For each Available Value, enter a name and description. You can enter an Additional Cost, which will be added to the registration total billed if selected by the registrant. You can also enter a Unit Limit, which will not allow the value to be selected during registration after that number has been reached. You can click the up and down arrows to change the order in which the values will appear during registration.

If any dropdown values do have an additional cost, you can choose a revenue item to be used when the event invoices are created as well.

Click Save to save the custom field. You can click Edit to edit the field at any time.


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