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Event Sponsorships are managed as Registrations for an Event Item that is marked as a Sponsorship Item. To create a Sponsorship for an Event, you must first make sure your Event has Sponsorship options as Event Items. Once that is set up, adding a Sponsorship is done by creating an Event Registration and choosing the Sponsorship Item as the Event Item.


  • Sponsorships do not necessarily require attendees. It's up to you if the Sponsorship you sell includes an attendee at your event
  • You can add Sponsorships to a Registration with other, non-Sponsorship items already included. Sponsorships do not have to be managed separately from other Registrations.

For instructions on completing an Event Registration, click here.

If one of the Event Items selected for this Registration is marked as a Sponsor Item, the Sponsor Info menu item will appear in the Registration Wizard menu, so that you can easily add the related Sponsorship Logo, Message and Website.

If you want the Sponsor Message and /or Logo to appear on the Event Website, check the Show Sponsor Logo And/or Message on Web page box.

The Sponsor Name will auto fill from the Registration Contact info. You can change this if needed.


There are three options for creating a Sponsor Image:

  1. Selecting from an already uploaded Web Content Image
  2. Selecting from an already uploaded Web Server Image (which are stored in the Event Module only)
  3. Uploading a New Image



  • Event sponsor images: .gif images should have a height no more than 100px, and they should try to keep the logos as square as possible.  Excessively wide or tall logos won't display well.  -- ~110 px in height, no more than 300px in width. 

When finished, click Save to complete the Registration.

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