MC Trade Website/Database Cookies

Across the Internet, cookies are used for many purposes, from tracking activity to delivering ads, to being a fundamental part of how a website works. Under GDPR, site visitors need to be notified about cookies that can be used to personally identify someone. See below for a full list of the cookies used by your WebLink pages.

Cookie Type  Source Expiration Notes
ASP.NET_SessionID Necessary CWT Public Website session Asp.Net session tracking
_ga Statistics Google Analytics 12 months GA Analytics
_gid Statistics Google Analytics 12 months GA Analytics
Weblink_ProfileID Necessary CWT Portal 45 days User Identifier
_snow_id.af7f Necessary CMS 24 months Statistics
_snow_ses.af7f Necessary CMS 1 day Statistics
_sp_id.08e8 Necessary CMS 24 months Session Tracking
_sp_ses.08e8 Necessary CMS 1 day Session Tracking 
language Necessary CMS 15 days  
_is_mobile Necessary CMS session Device 
mc Marketing CMS 12 months Marketing statistics
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