MC Trade web browser Interface: Frequently Asked Questions

The MC Trade browser interface ( ) allows you to access important profile information, event data and reports via ANY internet browser on ANY device - desktop, tablet or smartphone - all in a responsive interface, designed to look great no matter where you access it. Below are some frequently asked questions about accessing MC Trade via a web browser.


Q: What browsers and devices can I use to access the MC Trade browser interface?

A: Virtually any current internet browser will easily display MC Trade! Whether you're a Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or even Safari user, you'll be able to view and manage all areas of the MC Trade browser. This interface also works great on your tablet and smartphone browsers. Note that MC Trade does only support Internet Explorer 9 and higher.


Q: Does this mean I can access MC Trade on my Mac now?

A: Yes! All features available in the browser interface can be easily viewed on a Mac using Safari or Chrome/Firefox for Mac.


Q: When I log in, I don't see the dashboard pictured in the Knowledge Base articles. Where is it?

A: All of the user permission settings attached to your user in the database apply to the browser interface as well. If you do not have access to any reports, you will not be able to see the dashboard.


Q: I created a contact record for a member a few months ago, but I don't see it in their profile. Where is it?

A: In a specific profile, the contact history shows only the last 20 contact records. If you need to look for a contact further back than that, you'll need to view the profile in your desktop version of MC Trade.


Q: When looking at a profile, which related profiles are displaying? Can I see related companies, such as branches or subsidiaries?

A: All the related profiles displayed have a primary relationship with the profile you are viewing. Companies will show as long as they have a primary relation with the profile. You will not see former employees, or any other related profiles using a relation type that you have not flagged as primary. If you need to edit your relation type settings, you can do this under Admin > Manage Codes > Profile Codes > Relation Type Codes.


Q: I can see an open invoice for a profile in the browser - can I pay that invoice?

A: At this time, all financial features are read-only.  You can see overall company revenue and cash on the Home screen, specific payments made in the recent activity feed, and billing, invoice history and aging information on any specific profile that you open, however you cannot make changes or apply payments at this time. Look for lots of new features like this in the browser in the future!


Q: I don't see an Events menu item in the browser at all, even though I'm sure I have the permissions to view and edit events in my database.

A: If you're sure you user permissions allow you to view events and you still can't see them, then you are still on the legacy events module. The new event module is fully accessible through the browser interface, including the ability to create, edit, and manage events and registrations, however the legacy module is only available in the desktop application. If you have a mix of legacy and new events, you'll only be able to see the non-legacy events in the browser interface.

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